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Not only is front of shop signage important in terms of first impressions, it also functions as a round-the-clock advertisement for your business. The right sign on the front your premises will help you to promote your business. Shop Signs attracts people’s attention and invites them into your business. Particularly for shops which are in prime locations, either on main shopping streets or by busy roads, high quality signage is a must.

We offer our customers a wide range of sign styles to choose from; the lettering, design, size and shape can all be customised to meet your requirements. We typically produce acrylic alumnium and di bond signs, also digitally printed lettering and backgrounds.

We also specialise in the manufacturing of individual lettering. Each letter is then affixed to the shop front; this is a great look for those who want dramatic signage which will get their shop noticed.


The material used for shop front signs can be acrylic or aluminum based; this provides the sleek, contemporary finish and is robust and affordable. Acrylic or aluminum signs are ideally suited to outdoor use, as they can withstand constant exposure to the elements without showing signs of deterioration.

Clear materials like acrylic are also highly effective for those who want coloured lettering for their signs, as the transparent look of acrylic highlights any bright, intense colouring printed on its surface.

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